My Company goes back to just past the turn of the century.
Ernest Pappas first learned the photography business from a family photo studio located in Dover New Jersey. The studio was opened by grand pop a professional photographer just past the turn of the century. He began his career in California as an animal and commercial photographer. Moved to New Jersey and opened a Portrait Studio.
Grand pop favored portrait photography; his favorite subject, his little girl, my Mom, later studio owner manager, Grand_pops’_cameras were an 11x14, 8x10 and 5x7. Later Mom married Dad, who was also a photographer and became known for his weddings and babies.
Grand pops’ name was John Morraites where nobody ever knew his real name because the studio name was JOHN MORRIS PHOTO STUDIO; Dad kept the name, his name was Arthur_Pappas which was scarcely known either because he was known as JOHN MORRIS too. Oh the little kid with view camera is my_son, he decided to break family tradition, hadn’t taken a picture since the one he is taking here. My real Career began as a Marine in HMX-1 White House Presidential Helicopter Squadron.
My first professional picture you see of General_Wallace_M_Greene_Jr. United States Marine Corps, Commandant. The General is in the cockpit of an old biplane. Some years later General Greene saw me at National Geographic Labs and remembered me and gave me a signed portrait of the general himself, some how aviation has played a role in my photography. Combined, Grand pop, Dad and I have well over 100 years in the professional photography business.
As of today, I Ernest Pappas have photographed many congressional leaders, generals, and a president. Mostly for government editorial uses.

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